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  • Cerebrovascular diseases in Africans 

    Levy, F. L. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1970-01)
    It is the belief of many doctors working in Africa that circulatory disorders in the atherosclerotic sense are not as common as in Europe. I have that same opinion for several reasons. In the first place we rarely see ...
  • Factors associated with staffing of medical doctors and nurses in rural areas in Zambia 

    Munachonga, M.E., creator; Siziya, S., creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 2008-01)
    To determine factors associated with staffing of doctors and nurses in rural health institutions in Zambia. A cross sectional study was conducted among qualified medical doctors and nurses, and student doctors ...
  • The Zambia Health Information Digest July - September 2005 

    Mwansa., J.C. L., Editor; Bowa, Kasonde, Editor; Mweemba, Nora, Editor; Makondo, Francina, Editor (Medical Journal of Zambia, 2005-07)
    This edition of the Zambia Health Information Digest is dedicated to Traditional Medicine. Traditional medicine has become even more prominent because of the high prevalence of HIV in Zambia. With a number of traditional ...
  • Zambia health information digest. 

    Mwansa, J.C. L.,editor; Mweemba, Nora, editor; Bowa, Oliver, editor; Kanyengo, W. Christine, editor (Medical Journal of Zambia, 2004-07)
    This issue carries a selection of articles on the all-important subject of HIV/AIDS and the different efforts and progress being made towards arresting the pandemic. The main feature article however, is on Obstructive Sleep ...
  • The treatment of tibial diaphysial bone defects in adults 

    Izhar, U. H., creator (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1983-07)
    Twenty cases of established non-union of the tibial diaphysis with bone defects ranging from 2.5 centimetres to 7.5 centimetres (mean 3.5 centimetres), were treated between 1976 to 1981. In six cases ...
  • The value of procalcitonin and C-reactive protein as early markers of bacteraemia among patients with haematological malignancies receiving chemotherapy: a cross-sectional study 

    Kingsley, M. Kamvuma, creator; Sumbukeni, Kowa, creator; Kaile, Trevor , creator; Masenga, Sepiso K., creator; Hamooya, Benson M., creator; Musalula, Sinkala, creator; Simakando, Marah, creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 2018-04)
    The immune system of patients with haematological malignancies is suppressed during chemotherapy. This renders them vulnerable to frequent infections especially of the bacterial type. Timely diagnosis of these infections ...
  • Haemosiderosis osteoporosis and scurvy 

    Lowenthal, M. N., creator; Siddorn, J. A., creator; Fine, J., creator; Patel, R. P., creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
    A case of haemosiderosis, osteoporosis, vertebral collapse and scurvy occurring in a Zambian African male is described in detail.
  • Choice of place for childbirth: prevalence and correlates of utilization of health facilities in Chongwe district, Zambia 

    Hazemba, A.N., creator; Siziya, S., creator (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 2008-04)
    The objective of this article is to determine the prevalence and correlates for utilization of health facilities for childbirth in a rural Chongwe district, Zambia. A cross sectional study was carried among 250 mothers ...
  • The human resources for health crisis in Zambia: Deaths, departures, demoralising conditions of service and disinterested diaspora. 

    Kachimba, J.S., Creator; Mwaba, P., Creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 2007-01)
    For over a decade, the health sector in Zambia has given us a 91 impse of the night mare unfolding in the sub-Saharan region,a consequence of not investing in the training of staff to man our hospitals and care for our ...
  • The Zambia health information digest July - September 2001 

    Bowa, O.; Kanyengo, C. W.; Makono, S.; Mwansa, J.C. L. (University of Zambia Medical Library, 2001-07)
    Cervical cancer is an important women's reproductive health problem, especially in African countries where many women die from the disease each year. Unlike many cancers, cervical cancer can be prevented. The ...
  • Goitre in the Western Province of Zambia 

    Onushko, K.G. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1975-01)
    The prevalence of Goitre in Zambia is confirmed. This is especially so among female subjects.
  • Hospital records: records or a science of disease 

    Ngulube, T. J. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1984-04)
    The findings of an attempted retrospective study of medical records of 1,107 patients admitted to the University Teaching Hospital during a two year period have been elaborated. As a result of a poor filing system ...
  • Unusual Complication of Kirschner-Wire-Fixation of Carpo-Metacarpal Joint of the Thumb 

    Haque, Izhar Ui, Creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1982-10)
    A rare case of injury to the flexor tendons of index finger during Kirschnei-wit-e-fixation of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb, is described. The case is being reported for the greater ...
  • Rhinosporidiosis in Zambia 

    Naik, K.G., Creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1980-08)
    Thirty-two cases of rhinosporidiosis are reported for the first time in Zambia. The epidemiology, clinico-pathological aspect and diagnosis is discussed. The study indicates that rhinosporiodiosis is endemic in ...
  • Influence of exogenous Prolactin on Thyroid uptake of 125I in Rats 

    Anjali, Baber, Creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1980-08)
    Prolactin at a daily dose of 500g fated to influence thyroidal 125 I uptake in sexually mature male and ovariectomized female rats. The lowered mean uptake value in prolactin treated intact females is ...
  • Out~ Patient care gradients for a rural Zambian Hospital 

    Vicary, F. Robin, Creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1974)
    Maurice King (Medical Care in Developing Countries, 1966), has shown that Out-Patient Care Gradients, i.e., the relationship between distance travelled by patients to attend clinic, is exponential for hospitals in developing ...
  • Clinical Assessment of the Older Breathless Patient 

    Joseph, Inm Yikona, Creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 2007-10)
    It should not be construed as unusual to discuss breathlessness in an older patient presenting to a Zambian health institution today. Our Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) include eradication of poverty and hunger ...
  • The effect of longterm alcohol exposure on liver choline dehydrogenase activity 

    AIlen, S.C. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1980-02)
    Rats were exposed to an ethanol-containing drinking mixture for 54, 84 and 105 days. It was shown that a progressive increase in liver choline dehydrogenase activity occurred which ...
  • Sweet's syndrome in a child 

    Attili, R. V.; Hira, S. K.; Dube, M. K. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1983-07)
    An unusual case of Sweet's syndrome occurring in a child is presented. Since Sweet described the distinctive syndrome of obscure etiology in 1964, many cases have been reported from all over the world, including ...
  • Unusual presentation of lymphoma 

    Krishnamurthy, K. R.; Patil, P. S.; Elem, B.; Rehman, M. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1983-07)
    A case of diffuse non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (DNHL) of poorly differentiated lymphocytic type (Stage IV) in a 63 year old African male with obstructive cardiomyopathy, massive left sided renomegaly and ...

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