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    • Multiple pregnancy in Zambia 

      Lucas, C.; Hassim, Abu M. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
      An analysis of 151 twin pregnancies and 4 triplets delivered during 1966 is presented. The incidence of twin pregnancy is 1 in 37 and triplets 1 in 1,414. The maternal mortality in this series was nil. The perinatal mortality ...
    • Possible chloroquine resistant malaria in Zambia 

      Himpoo, B.; MacCallum, J. B. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
      In the fight against malaria the synthetic anti-malarials were greeted with great hopes. However,since their introduction there has been the disturbing evolution of strains of malaria resistant to them. In1947 resistance ...
    • Haemosiderosis osteoporosis and scurvy 

      Lowenthal, M. N., creator; Siddorn, J. A., creator; Fine, J., creator; Patel, R. P., creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
      A case of haemosiderosis, osteoporosis, vertebral collapse and scurvy occurring in a Zambian African male is described in detail.
    • Possible encephalitis following B.C.G vaccination 

      Savage, F. M. A. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
      Four cases of an encephalitis-like illness 3 week after BCG vaccination are described, and alternative explanations of the occurrence are discussed. As none of these explanations account for all the features of the illnesses, ...
    • Cushing's Syndrome in a Zambian Youth 

      Kihn, R.B.; Davidson, J.C. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1967-10)
      A case of Cushing's Syndrome treated by adrenalectomy is described. CUSHING'S syndrome is an uncommon disorder in the European and has seldom been reported in the African. This case is ...
    • Kwashiorkor: Some Reflections 

      Collins, J. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1967-10)
      The subject of malnutrition in Zambia is one receiving an increasing amount of attention and publicity. Work is being undertaken to assess the incidence and severity of this condition as ...
    • Four Cases of Extra Uterine Pregnancy 

      Nightingale, E. A. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1969-01)
      On 16.2.67 an African women from 140 miles away was admitted with severe abdominal pain. She appeared to be at term There was some fluid in the abdomen and the foetus appeared to be lying in the abdomen transversely. ...
    • A Diet Survey in Kalene Hill Area 

      MCGlashan, N. D. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1969-01)
      This survey of local diet was undertaken into two chiefdoms near Kalene Hill hospital during September, 1968. The inquiry was' undertaken` as a corollary to, and at the same time as, clinical studies of ...
    • Cerebrovascular diseases in Africans 

      Levy, F. L. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1970-01)
      It is the belief of many doctors working in Africa that circulatory disorders in the atherosclerotic sense are not as common as in Europe. I have that same opinion for several reasons. In the first place we rarely see ...
    • Symphysiotony for mild cephalopelvic disproportion 

      Mottiar, Y.; Sarla, G. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1970-01)
      The operation of symphysiotomy was first performed by Claude-De La Corvee in 1655 on a recently dead patient (Munro Kerr and Chassar Moir 1956). Signault (quoted by Greig 1964) performed the first modern operation in 1777 ...
    • Plasmatic vasculosls resulting from dysoria : a modern confirmation of Aschoff's holistic view on vascular diseases 

      Lendrum, A. C. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1970-01)
      In his writings, Aschoff (1924) mentions "the invading stream of plasma" and this he suspected must normally be traversing arterial walls outwards from the lumen, basing his concept in part at least on the observation that ...
    • The methanol,ethanol and fusel oil contents of some Zambian alcoholic drinks 

      Conor, R.; Okafor, B.; Nwegbu, M. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1974)
      There is considerable evidence that certain Zambian home-produced beers and spirits contain toxic contaminants. Apart from known additives such as methylated spirits and plant juices, high levels of iron, copper and zinc ...
    • Out~ Patient care gradients for a rural Zambian Hospital 

      Vicary, F. Robin, Creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1974)
      Maurice King (Medical Care in Developing Countries, 1966), has shown that Out-Patient Care Gradients, i.e., the relationship between distance travelled by patients to attend clinic, is exponential for hospitals in developing ...
    • Infant mortality in the Gwembe Valley 

      Unknown author (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1974)
      The Gwembe Valley lies in the Southern Province of Zambia and has been the subject of intense sociological and anthropological study (Colson 1967,Scudder 1968). The site of this survey was the upper Gwembe Valley, a ...
    • Biliary lipids and the paucity of cholesterol gallstone disease in Zambia 

      Lewis, K.O. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1974)
      The concept that cholesterol gallstone formation is the result of precipitation of cholesterol from super-saturated bile has been confirmed by the demonstration that gallstone-containing bladder bile had a concentration ...
    • Asymptomatic bacteriuria of pregnancy in Zambia 

      Jenkinson, D. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1974)
      A survey of 500 Zambian antenatal patients revealed a 3.8% incidence of asymptomatic bacteriuria. Interest in asymptomatic bacteriuria has increased since large groups of individuals were studied by ...
    • Prevalence of bilharzia in Zambia 

      Fine, J. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1974-01)
      There has been a considerable accumulation of data in recent years enabling a more accurate assessment of the extent of bilharzia in Zambia than has been possible hitherto. The data fall into two groups. The first consists ...
    • Serum protein concentrations of healthy Zambians and Europeans resident in Lusaka 

      Snook, C.R. (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 1974-10)
      Substantial differences in plasma protein patterns have been reported for apparently health persons living in the tropics (Holmes et al., 1955, Eziolo 1970, Nantulya and Lindqvist 1973). This seems to be particularly true ...
    • Studies on malaria in Lusaka 

      Hira, P. R.; Koularas, A. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1974-10)
      Species diagnosis of 692 malaria-positive blood films showed a parasite formula of F 94.65, M 7.51 0 1.59, V 0.58. P. vivax which has been rarely seen in Zambia was reported in four cases. Infection with a single species, ...
    • The incidence of goiter in the Northern, Eastern and Central Provinces and in the Ndola rural district of Zambia 

      Wenlock, R. W. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1975-01)
      A survey of 4 of the 8 provinces of Zambia for endemic goiter is presented. The condition is present in varying degrees in all the areas surveyed, except parts of Central Province and the Lusaka environs.