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    • Upgrading guidelines/information of health facilities and utilities 

      Ministry of Health (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 2016-03)
      The Ministry of Health together with its partners realizes that efficient and effective delivery of clinical care is highly dependent on the availability of appropriately upgraded environment, which is in well facilitated ...
    • Urban Clinics in Lusaka 

      Noak, J. L. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1967-10)
      There are five large urban clinics in Lusaka (urban and peri-urban population 150,000 in 1966)1. These clinics are open from 8 to 4 on weekdays ...
    • Urinary bladder tumours in Zambia 

      Curruthers, R.H., Creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1976-08)
      The clinical picture of bladder cancer as seen in Zambia is presented. The majority of lesions were squamous carcinoma and although all cases were first seen at a late stage it was possible to undertake a potentially ...
    • Vasopressin -sensitive diabetes lnsipidus: A case report. 

      Sukhani, S.; Chintu, C. (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 1976-08)
      This is a case report of Vasopressin -Sensitive Diabetes lnsipidus in a 5 year old Zambian Colored male child together with a brief review of etiology,diagnosis and management of the condition.
    • WHO, Country Cooperation Strategy (2017-2021) 

      Ministry of Health (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 2017)
      The attainment of the highest possible standard of health for all remains the major commitment of the WHO. This third generation of the WHO Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) for Zambia will cover the years 2017-2021. It ...
    • Zambia Essential Medicine List 

      Ministry of Health (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 2013-03)
    • Zambia Essential Medicines List 

      Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health, 2013)
      Essential medicines are those that satisfy the needs of the majority of the population and therefore should be available at all times, in adequate amounts and in the appropriate dosage forms.
    • Zambia National Formulary 

      Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health, 2017-04)
      The Zambia National Formulary (ZNF) is an integral component of the Zambia National Medicines Policy that is aimed at making available and accessible essential medicines of proven efficacy, safety and quality at affordable ...
    • Zambia National Health Strategic Plan 2017-2021 

      Ministry of Health (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 2016)
      Despite progress made in reducing maternal and child mortality rates, Zambia remains a country with a high disease burden which is under significant pressure to improve the health status of the people. This plan identifies ...